The art adventure of Hereke masterpieces, whose oldest samples adorn Ottoman palaces, started in 1843 when Hereke Imperial Factory was established on behalf of Sultan Abdülmecit.  Hereke carpets, which were one of Ottoman’s earliest exported goods, have been awarded countless grand prizes for their timeless masterpieces and authentic workmanship at all exhibitions and competitions where they were displayed.  Hereke carpets became an eminent part of European culture having been placed in almost all architectural residential masterpieces that were built in the 19th century such as Berlin Palace and Lahey Peace Palace, and have successfully extended their presence all the way to the White House. The HAN CARPET family made cherished contribution to Turkish art and continued the Hereke tradition by bringing it to its pinnacle spanning four generations beginning with our great grandfather Veyis Ağa. We are proud to celebrate Hereke as the only Turkish carpet trademark with its unique hand-made masterpieces for royal palaces such as Buckingham Palace. Today you can be sure to see a king or a president who visit Turkey holding one of the HAN CARPET products. With endless unique designs and more than 25,000 types HAN CARPET has the richest carpet collection in the world. Hereke carpets continue to be the treasured choice of privileged individuals since the day it was born in 1843 and this spirit is alive in the past and present of HAN CARPET.