As material, extremely thin string and silk are used in Hereke carpets, however, the distinctive trait that distinguishes them from the others is the weaving technique.  Hereke carpets are long lasting based on account of the “Double Knot” weaving which is also called the “Gördes Knot”.  This technique, which has been developed by the experts after having analyzed all other carpets, enables Hereke carpets to defy the years. Material choice, “double weft application” and cutting each weaving line with hand scissors also upheld the quality of Hereke carpets. Increased number of knots in each centimeter provides further elaboration of the created designs.  On a silk Hereke carpet, there are 64 and over loops in one centimeter, and this is just the nominal explanation of the unending patience of its weaver.  A Hereke weaver ties at least one million knots for such a special carpet, which means that he spends more than one year of his lifetime in front of his weaving loom. With that in mind, fabulous art masterpieces beyond imagination with extremely fine designs were created. The effort exerted turns a Hereke into an aesthetic masterpiece, which can hardly be comprehended due to the meticulousness and litheness that greatly exceed the limits of visual perception.