The most important criterion that shows the workmanship and the quality of how the body is knitted with great labor; is the number of stitches per square centimeter. In the world markets we encounter handcrafts in centimeters square; the average number of knots found around 9 to 16, Hereke wool carpets contain 36 and well known as fine quality. In our silk carpets, this figure raise up to 64, 100 and 225 in square centimeters respectively.

The Han Carpet family would compel all these achievements and decided to manufacture a fabulous Hereke by processing the most rare silk of our country in 2009.   The materials we prepared for this gave us the prospect of being able to make 2500 knotted carpets in square centimeters.  This record has been knotted to the last point that no one else could ever imagine.

We are proud to achieve the world record piece of hand knoted carpet in the art history.